Where is Barack Obama? Former POTUS sets internet ablaze, becomes Instagram husband on super yacht

Former President Barack Obama has been spotted in different destinations around the world since leaving office in January -- and last weekend was no exception.

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama were spotted on a super yacht near French Polynesia taking photos, and they weren't the only big names aboard. The Obamas were accompanied by media mogul Oprah, as well as Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen.

With all the big names together, it was Obama who stole the internet's heart when he performed the ultimate Instagram husband responsibilities by taking a photo of Michelle.

Hilarious reactions to the photo:

The famous group gathered on the Rising Sun, a 454-foot vessel owned by billionaire David Geffen, according to The Australian.

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The Obamas have largely remained out of the spotlight since President Donald Trump's inauguration in late Jan., but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy.

The Obamas post-presidency

The pair has been spotted on the British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson and in Hawaii before their latest spotting in the South Pacific.

Both Barack and Michelle Obama have recently signed book deals with Penguin Random House. Michelle Obama has visited several Washington D.C. school and plans to speak at upcoming events.