Poll: Majority of Americans do not trust Trump to keep his promises


A majority of Americans do not think President Donald Trump will keep his promises, marking a significant shift in how much voters trust him on this issue.

A new Gallup poll released on Monday finds only 45 percent of Americans agree with the statement that the president keeps his promises. Back in February, 62 percent of people agreed that he was a man of his word -- a 17 point drop over two months.

Trump recently formally reversed his position on labeling China a currency manipulator, one of his campaign promises and a key part of his own agenda for his first 100 days in office.

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According to the poll, women fueled a significant chunk of the drop of perception of Trump's promise keeping habits. In February, 65 percent of women surveyed said they thought he kept his promises. Now, that number is at 40 percent.

The poll revealed dips in public perception of Trump on other qualities as well.

While a majority of people still say Trump is a "strong and decisive leader" that number is down seven points since February when 59 percent agreed with that statement.

In February, a majority (53 percent) said Trump can bring about the changes this country needs. Now, only 46 percent of respondents agree with that assessment.

The poll also found yet another drop in the percentage of people who think Trump is an "honest and trustworthy person" overall -- with only 36 percent of people agreeing with that statement, down 6 percent since February.