First woman to run Boston Marathon participates again 50 years later


Kathrine Switzer got a lot of flack when she first ran in the Boston Marathon 50 years ago. It was simply unheard of.

She was the first woman ever to get a bib. Now, at age 70, she plans to do it again.

When other runners found out Switzer was running in 1967 they tried to rip off her bib and even pushed her, but she persisted, telling WBZ-TV: "This is going to change my life, maybe going to change women's sports and change the world."

Switzer started her own non profit, 261 Fearless. It not only promotes women's running but self-esteem.

In the upcoming marathon, Switzer plans to sport the same number she wore 50 years ago, 261, a number the racing organization says will be retired.

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