Don't fall for the hoax about a married couple finding out they're twins

Over the weekend, you may have read a story about a married couple discovering they were actually fraternal twins through DNA testing. They supposedly had undergone the test because they were having trouble conceiving and went to an IVF clinic.

The Mirror reports that the source of the story is a publication called the Mississipi Herald. The article has no byline and no names are used.

The Mirror spoke to Kim Anderson, night editor of the Mississippi Sun-Herald. While the Sun-Herald has been in production since 1884, the Mississipi Herald doesn't have such an illustrious history. "There is not a Mississippi Herald," Anderson said.

"Our web editor is aware of this story and the Mississippi Herald appears to be the only source of this news." As none of the Sun-Herald editors have previously heard of the site -- and that no other outlets sourced this twin story -- there is suspicion it is a hoax.

Anderson commented, "We suspect it's a fake news story."

According to The Mirror, there are no articles appearing on the Herald's site prior to April 10. The site was registered November 2 of last year. Furthermore, an identical story appeared on a similarly suspect website called the Denver Inquirer.