Penn Station panic erupts as crowds sprint away from false-alarm terror attack


Panic erupted amid rush hour at New York's Penn Station on Friday, when hundreds of people sprinted in various directions at what they believed was an act of terror.

After a sound was heard near the main street entrance to the station, screams of "get down!" and "run!" could be heard as people awaiting multiple delayed trains dropped their belongings and sprinted into corridors and hallways on the perimeter of the station's main concourse.

It is believed an unruly man was tasered, which caused the initial panic and chaos. As people returned to the main concourse, bags, shoes, hats and other belongings were subsequently scattered throughout the platform.

This incident came after all Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains were running with delays due to separate occurrences.

In the aftermath of the chaos, people were seen crying, calling loved ones and forming a line at the Amtrak customer service kiosk.

It is believed a similar situation occurred at New York's Macy's location.