FOX News host says America's hitting ISIS with 'mother of all bombs' is 'what freedom looks like'

FOX News pulled out all the patriotic stops on Thursday when the United States dropped the "mother of all bombs" on Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan.

During a "Fox and Friends" segment, introductory footage of the bomb being dropped in Afghanistan was shown, as country singer Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" played in the background.

One FOX host commented on the footage soon after, saying it was "what freedom looked like."

"One of my favorite things in the 16 years I've been here at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys," host Geraldo Rivera said in response.

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As many as 36 suspected Islamic State militants were killed in the strike on Thursday evening, Afghan defense officials said. There were reportedly no civilian casualties.

"This was the first time that we encountered an extensive obstacle to our progress," Gen. John Nicholson said of the joint Afghan-U.S. operation that has been targeting ISIS since March. "It was the right time to use it tactically against the right target on the battlefield."

President Trump took slack from his nationalist-leaning base this week, in the wake of his decision to fire 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria's Shayat Airfields in response to assumed Assad regime-led chemical attacks.

Mullings of resentment from those who fear Trump's adapting to the era of globalism, though, is in contrast with poll numbers that show most Americans are confident in the U.S. president after his Syria missile strike.

While Americans have yet to be polled on the Thursday "MOAB" bombing, it was clear on "Fox and Friends" that the TV hosts were anything but disappointed with the Trump's administration's ISIS tactic.