Congressman tell-all reveals just how swampy Washington can be


By Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

It was a campaign promise of Donald Trump's. Now Freedom Caucus member & Colorado Representative Ken Buck is releasing a tell-all book to show just how swampy congress can be.

Entitled "Drain the Swamp: How Washington is Worse Than You Think," the ultra-conservative republican claims lawmakers are mostly "fat and happy alligators who feel pretty darn comfortable in the swamp."

Calling out a pay-to-play system, Buck says that means the best committee and leadership positions go to those who can fundraise the most. If you want to keep your spot, you'll have to raise even more money.

He also has some sharp words for republican leaders, calling them "playground bullies."

It was the house freedom caucus President Trump blamed for the failure of his healthcare bill.

It's uncommon for a sitting lawmaker to write a tell-all, but Buck says he thinks it's necessary to help bring change to the system while he's still there.

Specifically, adding an amendment to the Constitution for a balanced budget.