Teen accidentally shoots and kills himself on Instagram Live

A Georgia teenager accidentally shot and killed himself while recording an Instagram Live video as his friends watched in horror.

Malachi Hemphill, 13, had just taken out the trash moments before he went to his bedroom to record the video, WXIA reports.

His mother, Shaniqua Stephens, told the news station that she knew something was wrong with him when she heard the sound of a shot coming from Malachi's bedroom.

"I heard a big boom. I couldn't tell if it was a gunshot or what," Stephens said.

She and her daughter rushed to check on Malachi, but the door was locked.

"We kicked in the door. We found him just laying there in a pool of blood," Stephens told WXIA. "My daughter screamed and said, 'Mom, turn his phone off!' As I proceeded to look at his phone, he was on Instagram Live."

Stephens said that Malachi's friends had been watching the Livestream, and dozens of them rushed to their house after the incident.

"There was about 40 to 50 kids outside," she told WXIA. "I guess these were the kids that were watching on Live that live in the area. I guess when it happened, they just ran over here."

Once his mom got into the room, Malachi was rushed to Gracy Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where he was announced dead, WXIA reports.

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