Sorority girl says 'all my bones were shattering in my face' as she was body-slammed by cop

The Colorado State University student, who was body-slammed to the ground face-first in Fort Collins a week ago, says the violent takedown at the hands of a police officer has left her "humiliated."

"Like all my bones were shattering in my face. I was so humiliated because everyone was watching me," Michaella Surat, 22, told Good Morning America Thursday morning.

The college junior suffered a concussion and bruises on her chin.

"I can't go to school without feeling like someone's going to approach me and hurt me," she said. "I'm getting death threats online."

The Fort Collins police officer was responding to a bar fight last Thursday that allegedly involved the young woman's boyfriend.

In the video, which was released over the weekend, Surat appears to be pushing away from the officer, who then slams her to the ground. The department called the move "standard arrest control."

"I found out that my boyfriend got kicked out of the bar so I went outside just to see what happened," Surat recalled. "Then the altercation happened and one thing led to another and it just escalated."

Cops deny it was excessive force, saying she "physically obstructed and struck" the cop.

The college student was charged with third-degree assault and obstructing an officer. She is due back in court next month.

"This shouldn't happen to anyone, no matter their size, race or color, this shouldn't happen to anyone. It's unbelievable," she said.

"This event will be thoroughly investigated," Fort Collins Police Services Chief John Hutto posted in a lengthy statement on Facebook Sunday.

He added that the police were wearing body cameras and that footage will not be released until the case is closed.

"I have no control over the video that is already in the public domain, but I do have control over the release of the video evidence from our body worn cameras," Hutto wrote. "This is an open investigation and to release evidence, absent a truly compelling reason, would not be proper. I am committed to preserving a process that ensures a fair and impartial outcome. I am equally committed to preserving the rights of both Ms. Surat and the involved officers."