Motorcyclist was reportedly decapitated after freak accident

On Tuesday, a 27-year-old motorcyclist in San Bernardino, California, was decapitated in what is being called a "freak accident," reports the San Bernardino County Sun.

The chain of events that came to a tragic end reportedly started when a driver of a Ford Taurus lost control of his car.

According to officials, that vehicle careened into a mailbox but did not stop. Soon after, it struck, split, and downed the top half of a telephone pole, notes KTLA.

The man on the motorcycle, later identified as Fabian Zepeda, drove into a tension wire that had landed on the road, resulting in his decapitation.

According to the Press-Enterprise, "The driver of the Taurus was interviewed and did not appear to be under the influence... but officials had his blood drawn to be tested as a matter of protocol."

At this time, the car driver has not been taken into custody.

The investigation into the incident is still in progress.