Dramatic video shows gunfire narrowly missing young girl

A shocking video shows shots being fired through the front window of an Arizona store and narrowly missing a 4-year-old girl inside.

Footage from the Paisanos Barber Shop in Chandler captures the child sitting in front of the shop watching television when a drive-by shooting suddenly occurred.

It appears that two rounds that pierced the glass came very close to striking the girl on both sides of her head. Immediately, she got up and ran to the back of the shop.

According to the Chandler Police Department, officials took the two suspects into custody after the incident, which appeared to have been caused by an argument at a nearby tattoo parlor.

Michael Hart, 23, was asked to leave the business during the disruption, and 21-year-old Rafael Santos and an unidentified man went with him.

All three reportedly got into one car and drove away as Hart fired the shots, which authorities say were aimed toward the tattoo parlor but hit the barber shop instead.

Hart and Santos may both face charges of aggravated assault and endangerment.

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