Mom's blog post about terminal illness leads to life-saving surgery

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Her name is Stephanie. She's a 27-year-old woman from Florida who's also a busy wife and mom of a 2-year-old daughter. She says it started with headaches.

"I started having a lot of headaches. They would kind of come and go. I didn't think much of it," she said. "He pointed to a big blob in the center and said 'this is a brain lesion.' And by the time we left the office, that translated into having a brain tumor."

Second opinions confirmed the diagnosis: Stage four Glioblatoma. The most aggressive kind of brain tumor in adults.

Given just about a year to live, Stephanie started blogging, which eventually caught the eye of neurosurgeon doctor Michael Sughrue, who has a history of operating on the inoperable.

"I mean, yeah, if someone said they have an inoperable brain tumor, show me the films first," he said. "It isn't always inoperable, there`s a lot of times we've figured out ways to do it."

Mom’s blog post about terminal illness leads to life-saving surgery
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Mom’s blog post about terminal illness leads to life-saving surgery
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Within a week, Stephanie and her husband were on a plane to the Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City.

Stephanie says she asked God for a sign and after she signed a consent form, she said she got it.

"Right before my surgery, they wrote 'yes' on my head, and I just laughed and I smiled and I was like `welp, there it is!`"

Dr. Sughrue was able to remove nearly 90 percent of the tumor.

Stephanie went through chemo and radiation afterward and for now, she says she's beaten it.

And she has some advice for anyone in her shoes.

"Pray about it and give it up to God because he is the only one who can fix anything," she said.

Her last day of radiation is Wednesday.

After that, she will continue with follow-up visits to make sure the tumor has not returned.

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