Fake vegetables, frozen sharks, and an Xbox — here are some of drugs smugglers' most bizarre methods

Every year, billions of dollars in illegal narcotics circle the globe, driven by the demand of millions of users.

At every step, authorities try to intercept the drugs and apprehend their purveyors.

In response, traffickers have developed a variety of inventive ways to obscure their cargos.

In August 2016, US border agents uncovered more than 4,000 pounds of marijuana hidden among limes.

In two incidents in July, border agents found well over 200 pounds of meth hidden in shipments of jalapeños and cucumbers.

But food isn't the only method of concealment.

Fake carrots, real doughnuts, catapults, drones, submarines, and the human stomach — here's a non-exhaustive list of the clever ways traffickers have smuggled drugs:

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