Woman finds scorpion in her salad mix

A couple in Chevy Chase, Maryland said they found a scorpion in some salad mix. They say they got it from a local Giant grocery store

A few days later when the woman opened the bag to make lunch she says she couldn't believe what she saw. She put the scorpion in a water bottle, made a video for her husband and sent it to him.

Giant ended up pulling the spinach about six hours after finding out about the scorpion and getting calls from a local news station.

Reaction to scorpion found in salad mix
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Reaction to scorpion found in salad mix
Yikes. A couple found a live scorpion in a bag of spinach they bought at the Chevy Chase Giant. https://t.co/bCJnb4nZQ3
And people wonder why I'm not a big salad person....a bat in a bag of salad mix in FL and a live scorpion in a bag… https://t.co/Qcifochcdt
Honestly not sure which is worse: finding a live scorpion or a dead bat in your salad mix. Just trying to be health… https://t.co/G4t9ntVtSb
We've discovered a dead bat in a bag of salad and a live scorpion in a bag of spinach, and this is why I will die from eating red meat.
Waiter, what's this Scorpion doing in my salad? ...I believe it's a handstand, madam. https://t.co/RVeixF9TQL via @nbc6
The scorpion survive a triple wash process or get into the bag during the package, I don't know, but this salad inc… https://t.co/oxOuSc5SIU
@MRichWJZ I eat salad everyday. All I ask is that the salad not BITE back. So far this month we've had a lizard, a… https://t.co/ADbEn9SQSs
Spinah scorpion and lettuce bat have concreted for me that salad is terrible and I shouldn't eat it https://t.co/IJEOnB9SoH

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