Vietnam veteran reunited with war buddy 50 years after losing touch, thanks to Twitter

It's been 50 years since a Vietnam veteran spoke to his long lost friend, but thanks to Twitter, the pair has been reunited once again.

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Charles Lacy, an army photographer during the Vietnam War, will get the chance to reconnect with an old friend he met in the army through Skype after they lost touch shortly after serving in South Korea in 1968.

The reunion comes after a massive social media effort run by 19-year-old Bryce Lacy of Texas to track down his dad's army connection Kermit Powers.

"You can use [social media] for good things and help people reconnect and bring happiness to people," Bryce told

He said it all started when he spotted Powers' picture in his dad's house one summer. The next time he saw it, he decided to ask his dad about it.

"He told me it was one of his good friends from South Korea when he was in Vietnam," Bryce said. "So I took a picture of it and posted it to Twitter, hoping someone would recognize him."

Eventually, his message was retweeted 55,000 times, and strangers came in droves to help the family solve the mystery.

One came forward with a LinkedIn page that may have belonged to Powers. Another stranger offered to search the national archives.

Finally, someone was able to track down the man's Facebook profile, and Bryce was able to call up his father's old friend using the information listed.

"[Powers] said he has been looking for [my dad]," Bryce said. "He didn't know my dad moved from Texas to Louisiana when he got back [from serving], and that's the reason he couldn't find him."

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Powers, 68, is now living in Germany, where he's lived for about 20 years. He and Charles were able to talk on the phone for the first time since serving, and the pair now plans to reconnect through Skype this weekend.

"I'm glad he finally found him," Bryce said. "Both of them talked about how good of friends they were when they were in South Korea. They also mentioned another person they were good friends with but neither could remember their name."

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