Fake news claims Malia Obama was expelled from Harvard for drug violation

Former first daughter Malia Obama was targetted by fake news recently when a report claimed she was expelled from Harvard for using marijuana.

The article -- which came from the satirical entertainment website The Last Line of Defense -- says the daughter of former President Barack Obama was "caught in a Boston hotel lounge vaping marijuana with friends."

An excerpt from the article reads as follows:

"Malia Obama, who has decided that as an adult she wants to be a pot smoking, rap listening, twerking party girl, has been ousted from the student roster at Harvard University. The school's chancellor, Malcolm Little, said that regardless of her status as a former first daughter, the rules are the rules and she won't be welcome there this fall."

The article even claimed that the Obama family lawyer is "planning on filing a discrimination suit," adding, "because isn't everything about race?"

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As Snopes explains, the Last Line of Defense discreetly hides the fact that all articles on their site "should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney." Nonetheless, many readers fall for their shocking headlines.

The fake news article also criticizes Malia Obama for never attending class at Harvard, but the White House previously announced that the former president's eldest daughter is currently partaking in a "gap year," and will start her college career in Cambridge come Fall 2017.