'You lie!' Congressman heckled with his own words during town hall meeting

South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson was recently heckled with the same words he had used in his controversial outburst against former President Obama, notes the New York Times.

According to the Post and Courier, the Republican was speaking at a town hall meeting in Graniteville Monday when he was confronted with chants of "You lie!"

Wilson gained notoriety in 2009 for shouting those words during a health care-related speech Obama gave to Congress, notes CNN.

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The lawmaker was criticized by members of his own party and later apologized, calling his comment "inappropriate and regrettable."

During his hometown speech, Wilson was also talking about health care—this time, voicing support for the Republicans' plan to replace Obamacare.

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The Post and Courier pointed out that another part of his speech riled the crowd—when he talked about protecting women, saying, "I've also supported the local solicitor here, and the solicitor in Lexington all efforts to make sure that violence against women is fully enforced."

However, Wilson reportedly voted against continuing the Violence Against Women Act four years ago.