Tokyo restaurant serves insect ramen

Curious cuisine enthusiasts lined up outside Tokyo's ramen restaurant Nagi on Sunday, April 9th to try ramen served with insects.

At the one-day event, the restaurant served "insect tsukemen", where customers dip the noodles into the soup of their choice, containing either crickets, grasshoppers and silkworm powder.

The recipe was created after the success of the 'cricket ramen' event last year, headed by both Nagi's restaurant manager and Yuta Shinohara, who organises insect-eating events and wants to promote eating insects in Japan and the rest of the world.

A full meal consists of insect ramen, a bowl of rice with crickets, spring rolls with fried worms and ice cream flavoured with insect powder.

The event organizer said 100 bowls of insect ramen were served, which were all sold out by the end of lunch time.