President Trump uses obscure law to roll back former President Obama's legacy

Since President Donald Trump took office he's made numerous moves to roll back former President Obama's legacy.

The most recent being a bill that struck down one of Obama's anti-gun regulations. The move made it easier for mentally ill Americans to purchase firearms.

Click through images of the Obamas post-presidency:

To do this, Trump used a law called the Congressional Review Act. It basically lets the president and Congress to quickly get rid of so-called midnight rules that were created late in an administration.

The CRA was created 21-years-ago during the Clinton administration and it was used only one time before Trump took office. In 2009 and 2010, when the Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, it was never used.

The president and the Republican led Congress have used it 11 times and those bills have been signed into law pretty much behind closed doors, as compared to his executive orders which usually consist of a high profile signing ceremony.