Midwife called at hair salon to help deliver baby

A midwife in Kentucky thought she would have a relaxing day at the salon -- but one baby had other plans.

Carrie Hall was in the middle of a hair appointment -- literally with foil in her hair -- when she received a call about a delivery.

Hall's alma mater, Frontier Nursing University, shared a funny photo documenting the event on Facebook:

"First time for everything! Thought I'd share," Hall said. "I was at the salon and nature called!"

Hall spoke with Cafe Mom about the exciting delivery. She was on call that day, and apparently, there was a patient in labor but she wasn't progressing fast. Her hairdresser had just finished foiling her hair when the nurse called.

According to Hall, "The local hospital was five minutes away so ... foils and all ... I went to catch a baby!" The baby was delivered within 20 minutes.

After the delivery, Hall went back to the salon to finish her appointment. She told Cafe Mom, "Needless to say, momma, baby, and my hair are great!"

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