Menacing video message released by police sparks controversy

A public service announcement released by Florida's Lake County Sheriff's Office has people wondering whether or not one police station took their tough on crime stance too far.

Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell created the video as a direct warning to drug dealers in his community.

He stands flanked by four officers who are wearing ski masks and sunglasses -- a horribly spooky scene some have compared to ISIS propaganda.

In the video, which was posted to Facebook, Grinnell encourages residents to report drug dealers to police. He then warns drug dealers that police are coming for them, and they should wonder if "tonight will be the night."

"To the dealers that are pushing this poison, I have a message for you," Grinnell growls. "We're coming for you. Run."

The video has had mixed reception.

See how people are reacting on social media:

Menacing video message released by police sparks controversy
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Menacing video message released by police sparks controversy
@ArmyStrang got that mexican drug cartel look
These cops look like they're going to create a caliphate and behead moderate police officers
@ArmyStrang "The infidel thought the battle was to take place in Raqqa, but Allah-peacebeuponhim-wills that we take Florida first."
@ArmyStrang nothing says "trust the police" like ski masks and ISIS-style videography
@ArmyStrang @AdamWeinstein This may be the first time an ISIS (Idiotic Set of Incognito Sheriffs) propaganda video…
This is what the derangement caused by the militarization of our police looks like.
@JackSmithIV @lakegov This is ridiculous. Think you might have a potential overuse of force happening, here? This i…
@RaeCrothers @JackSmithIV @lakegov Wow, that's super creepy. I get the concept, but it anonymity must make police m…

Some are proud of the officers for cracking down on drug-related crimes, but others worry the police have become overly militarized.

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