Man who survived fall from 47-story building speaks out


A former window washer has admitted to having a different perspective on life since surviving a 47-floor fall while working nearly 10 years ago.

Alcides Moreno, now 46, told the BBC recently, "I used to think a lot about me and only me. I would provide for the family and think that was good enough. Then I realised how important my wife and kids are."

The accident occurred on Dec 7, 2007, when he and his brother Edgar were sent to clean the exterior windows of the Solow Tower in New York City, notes the New York Post.

The cables holding their platform were found to have slipped, causing Edgar to plunge 472 feet and land on a fence, killing him.

Alcides, meanwhile, reportedly managed to hang on to the platform and land on a pile of debris.

A New York Times report had stated, "He was 'on the borderline of consciousness' when he was wheeled into the emergency room...despite serious injuries to his brain, his spine, his chest and his abdomen, along with several fractured ribs, a broken right arm and two broken legs."

The doctor who treated him called his survival and subsequent recovery a miracle.

After the accident, Alcides reportedly received a sizable settlement from the scaffolding company, and the family eventually moved to the Phoenix area for its warm weather and good schools.

He told the BBC, "I'm not like I used to be. But thank God I can walk, that is amazing for me."