College students caught hiding dead alligator in dorm room


Several Florida Gulf Coast University students have been cited after allegedly taking a dead alligator into a dorm.

Campus police said this week they saw a photo of the 3-foot reptile on social media, where it appeared to be in someone's bed.

According to WINK, officials say they tracked it to Palmetto Hall, a freshman dorm.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials were brought in to investigate and reportedly determined the students found the gator dead on the road before loading it in the trunk and taking it back to the dorm.

Students like freshman Enzo Pomares were in disbelief. "I've heard a lot of crazy things go on at this school," he told WINK. "But so far, that's the craziest I've heard."

According to a wildlife expert at the school, the campus alligator population is going down because students keep feeding them. The fed alligators start to lose their fear of humans and eventually must be euthanized before they become a threat.

The FWC reportedly took the gator from the dorm and issued three students warnings for possession of an alligator without proper permits.