Secret Service agent loses security clearance over incident at Maryland hotel

An off-duty Secret Service agent on Vice President Mike Pence's detail was placed on administrative leave after allegedly soliciting a prostitute at a hotel in Maryland, according to a CNN report published Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service acknowledged that "an alleged incident" involved one of their employees, and that it was under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

Citing multiple law enforcement sources, CNN reported that police officers responded to a call late last week, from a hotel manager who grew suspicious of some activity coming from one of the rooms.

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One law-enforcement source who spoke to CNN claimed that the agent was caught after police saw him leave the alleged prostitute's room. The agent was reportedly off-duty and did not present himself in his official capacity at the time, the report said.

After being charged with solicitation, the agent self-reported his arrest to the Secret Service, according to the source. Prior to being suspended from duty, he was required to turn in his service weapon and official gear, as well as having his security clearance and access to official facilities revoked. "We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions," the Secret Service spokesperson said to CNN.

In 2012, nine agents were accused of bringing prostitutes into their rooms, while in their official capacity, during President Obama's economic summit in Colombia. During the incident, accusers claimed that agents refused to pay the amount that was agreed upon, prior to the alleged solicitation. The complaint eventually made its way from the Colombian national police to the US embassy, where after an investigation, the agents were dismissed.

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