Hillary Clinton reveals her favorite meme poking fun at Trump -- but she calls it a GIF

Former presidential contender Hilary Clinton revealed her favorite viral meme on Thursday -- poking fun at President Donald Trump for setting women's policy in a room full of men.

She revealed the favorite meme, an image of dogs sitting at a round table discussing "feline health" juxtaposed with a similar image of Trump that made headlines earlier in January.

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She talked about the image Thursday night while speaking at the 'Women in the World' summit.

But, perhaps showing her age -- she mistakenly referred to it a GIF.

And Twitter noticed.

"Anyone noticed Hillary confusing gif and meme, she's such a cute grandma," one Twitter user wrote.

Another posted: "Hillary may not know the difference between a meme and a gif but she wouldn't have us worrying about getting nuked so there's that."

See more of the funny reactions to Clinton's favorite meme: