Student senator resigns after 'rape culture isn't real' social media post

ALLENDALE, Mich. (WXMI) -– A student senator at Grand Valley State University resigned from his position after making a controversial post on social media saying "rape culture isn't real."

Photo: WXMI

The comment was made just a day before a student senate-sponsored meeting on sexual assault awareness, following a string of reported attacks on and near the Allendale campus at the beginning of the school year.

Patrick Borum posted the comment. He was a newly elected student senator, and a member of the Kappa Sigma chapter at GVSU.

The fraternity is putting distance between Borum's words and the group.

"This was something that was an individual's choice and not the choice of the fraternity at large," says Joshua Perez, president of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. "As an individual, Pat did something very wrong. And I hope that you don't blame our organization; any Greek organization, or for that matter any institution that this campus decides to have."

"I'm under the impression that [Borum] thinks his demographic as a fraternity person is being targeted, when really what rape culture is is belonging to a society that continually perpetuates the idea that rape and sexual assault is acceptable. And it shouldn't be," another Kappa Sigma member said.

Borum says he does not support or encourage rape, and that the controversy has been misconstrued.

"I believe that the idea that our American culture accepts, encourages, or tolerates rape/sexual assault on a widespread scale is false," Borum told FOX 17 in a statement. "I believe that most people are good and that most people are disgusted by even the thought of rape or sexual assault."

A survey was circulated among the Greek communities by GVSU, Borum says, that focused on sexual assault. He says the survey portrayed Greek Life in a negative light by asking suggestive questions.

The town hall styled meeting was dominated from what the former student senator said. It was supposed to focus on protecting students and making them feel safe on campus.

Student senate president Ella Fritzemeier says Borum's comments do not reflect the views of the senate.

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