Paul Ryan criticized for Autism Awareness tweet

April is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2 is declared as World Autism Awareness Day. On Sunday, the tenth annual World Autism Awareness Day, Washington made efforts to acknowledge it. President Trump lit up the White House blue, the color of autism awareness:

Critics were quick to bring up the president's tweets from several years ago, where he blamed autism on vaccines:

"They can light up the White House blue, but it won't change the fact that Trump espouses dangerous views on autism and vaccines," said one tweeter.

House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted in support of the day, as well:

Immediately, the speaker was also hit with backlash due to his work to repeal Obamacare. According to ABC News, the American Health Care Act would've put healthcare for those with autism in jeopardy if it would have passed.

See reactions to Ryan's tweet:

Social reactions to Ryan's Autism Awareness Day tweet
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Social reactions to Ryan's Autism Awareness Day tweet
@SpeakerRyan Great pin! Now you're still committed to stealing autistic people's healthcare, right?
@SpeakerRyan Don't even try it, you vapid soulless weasel.
@SpeakerRyan Is this a joke? Your Obamacare repeal plan would have stripped millions of kids with autism of coverag…
Reminder @realDonaldTrump "honoring" autism awareness yet recently mocked disabled person.@SpeakerRyan cut Medicaid…
@jlynn43xo @Behavioristt @SpeakerRyan Its unacceptable the new healthcare bill trying to pass! Make no mistake if u…
@SpeakerRyan We're all "aware" of what repeal and replace will mean for children with autism. You seem unconcerned…
@SpeakerRyan When you fight against the Affordable Care Act you deprive care to wonderful people like my son with #Asperger #Autism
@SpeakerRyan light it up green for all the money you'd take from those programs supporting autism
@flMel630 @SpeakerRyan He's cutting funding for medical research, that includes autism. But sure he's wearing the pin.

Billionaire Mark Cuban joined in as well:

"Reminder [Donald Trump] 'honoring' autism awareness yet recently mocked disabled person. [Paul Ryan] cut Medicaid that pays 4 adult autism," he said.

Ryan has not commented on the Twitter response as of Tuesday morning.

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