Man nearly electrocuted to death while sleeping with his phone

An Alabama man issued a strong warning against charging your phone near your bed after he was nearly killed by electrocution last week as he slept.

Wiley Day, 32, said he was in bed at home in Huntsville with his iPhone charging attached to an extension cord when extreme pressure woke him up.

Day told INSIDE EDITION that the dog tag around his neck touched the cord, resulting in an extreme shock.

"[It] threw me out of bed... I heard a bunch of cracking and popping and of course you can hear the actual buzz sound," he added.

Day managed to drive himself to the doctor, even after suffering third degree burns to his neck and hands.

"I shouldn't have made it because of the voltage I had taken around my vital area in my neck. It was just a blessing all the way around," Day told INSIDE EDITION.

He said that doctors told him it was just a freak accident -- a one in a million chance.

"I want people to be aware of the dangers of charging electrical devices and things overnight in your bed," Day said.

He is now recovering, and though the pain of the burns is extreme, he said he is just happy to be alive.