Video shows alligator crawling through furniture store

An alligator found itself in uncharted territory after being spotted inside a furniture store in Holiday, Fla., on Wednesday.

The reptile was first spotted in the parking lot in front of American Freight Furniture, employee Peter Soto told FOX 13.

In order to wrangle the gator back where it came from into the pond behind the store, deputies dragged it across the floor and out the back door.

"They either had to drag it around the whole plaza or to make sure the gator didn't get hurt, the manager let them take it through the store," Soto said.

So, as one does, the gator went through the furniture section, toward the "Same Day Delivery" sign, back through the "Clearance" section, across the back parking lot and eventually back into the pond.

Onlookers were thoroughly entertained -- and you can see it for yourself in the video:

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