'Very cooperative' whale knows he's being helped as rescuers pull him from a net a second time

A whale found itself entangled in some fishing net for the second time in a week over the weekend, but this time it knew to just let rescuers do their thing.

According to a lifeboat team based in the Salcombe, England, the humpback whale has been dazzling tourists in the seaside resort town, where officials believe it recently stopped to feed while traveling north.

Officials with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution were called in after the whale was caught up in whelk pot lines off a fishing vessel.

It was reportedly the second time since late last month that the visiting mammal found itself all tangled up.

"Fortunately this time it was a much easier operation and with the experience we had from the last time, it was all done and dusted in about an hour," Dan Jarvis with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue told the BBC.

"They're very intelligent animals," Jarvis continued. "So, I'd like to think it knew we were trying to help and was very cooperative."

The whale's reportedly been in the area for about a month.

Experts say the whale was likely headed to Iceland or Norway when it stopped to feed on plentiful plankton and small fish.

According to Jarvis, it's likely the whale's stomach that keeps leading it to trouble. "There's obviously fantastic feeding," he said.