Bizarre sporting fad sinks its hooves into Scandinavia


There's a strange sport sweeping Scandinavia called "hobbyhorsing" and, back in the day, there's a good chance you were a pro at it.

In fact, you probably have all the equipment necessary to play right in your attic.

Remember that "horse" you used to run around your house "riding" when you were a child -- the one that's just a stick with a stuffed horse's head on top?

This guy?

Caucasian girl playing with toy horse
Caucasian girl playing with toy horse

Photo: Getty

Yes, riding that is a popular sport now. So break it back out and get practicing.

Apparently, teenage girls in Scandinavia are now straddling these toy horses to compete in real competitions where athletes parade around arenas, hoping to impress judges with their footwork, jumping skills and posture.

Check out some of the action below:

According to the New Zealand Herald, this fad has attracted over 10,000 equestrian glory seekers in Finland alone.

The top riders are set to compete for the national title at the annual Hobbyhorse Championships in Helsinki on April 23.

All we have to say is we've seen better horse dancing.