'Grammar vigilante' sneaks around at night fixing bad apostrophes

A silent guardian, a watchful protector... a grammar vigilante.

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There's another caped superhero in town, and no, he doesn't fly or climb walls.

He's the "grammar vigilante," fighting for good punctuation in Bristol, navigating alone through the night to correct apostrophes on shop fronts.

His weapon of choice is an "apostrophiser," which he uses to reach the highest signs.

The "Banksy of punctuation," who uses stickers rather than paint, denies it's a crime to go around the city to improve standards:

"It's a crime to have apostrophes wrong in the first place," he told the BBC.

Just like with the Bat-signal, people are using hashtag #grammarvigilante to call him to fix crime punctuation in the city:

However, any hero has a dark side.

Many people couldn't help but notice on Twitter that the "grammar vigilante" should be a "punctuation vigilante" instead: