One thing you might not know about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

Justin Trudeau is just like us. He takes selfies, goes to tourist attractions and even has a tattoo!

Not a small experimental tattoo, but a big honking tattoo right on his shoulder. Actually, it's technically two tattoos.

Back in 2012, the Prime Minister tweeted out an explanation behind the tattoo, saying that it's planet Earth inside of a Hi-da raven.

According to the BBC, Hi-da are aboriginal people who traditionally lived in Canada's Pacific north-west.

The Raven that's wrapped around Earth is a design from famous Hi-da artist Robert Davidson.

This could all have something to do with the fact that the family were made honorary members of the tribe back when his father Pierre was Prime Minister.

While Trudeau got the original Earth tattoo when he was 23, he got the raven tattoo for his 40th birthday.

Basically, his tattoo is well thought out, meaningful and spread across decades of his life.

Feeling bad about that drunken monkey tattoo you got during spring break yet?