A doomsday vault exists to ease all your apocalypse fears

By: Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

When preparing for Doomsday, most people stock up on canned goods, but the 1% buys tickets to go live in outer-space.

This country is planning for Armageddon with a gigantic vault on an island in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Svalbard, Norway, is home to the vault which opened this week with the mission of housing the world's archives if or when the world ends.

It's also not the first Doomsday Vault in the region. The first vault was opened to house seeds if a country's crop's were cropped out of existence.

Photos of the seed vault:

The new vault uses a special film developed by the firm Piql. The film has been used in Hollywood and is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The Network NRK reported the team has conducted experiments to test how long the film can last for. So far it's 500 years, but they're testing to see if they can get that number up to 1,000.

Why Norway? Thanks to to the Svalbard Treaty, no military action can take place there which ensures a relatively safe life for anything inside the vault.

So far Mexico and Brazil are the only countries to be using the vault's services, but the team opened the vault this week with champagne in hand to celebrate.

Let's just hope whoever's in charge of the code had only one glass.

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