New picture book to show Santa Claus in a same-sex, interracial relationship

A book portraying a gay, black Santa in a relationship with a white Santa will be released this fall, the author announced on Tuesday.

Santa's Husband will show a black Santa and his white partner. They both live in the North Pole; Santa's spouse often fills in for him in mall appearances, which is why many believe Santa is white.

The book is the brainchild of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer Daniel Kibblesmith. In December, he tweeted about the concept of a black Santa with a husband:

"Me & [Jen Ashley Wright] have decided our future child will only know about Black Santa," he wrote. "If they see a white one we'll say 'That's his husband.'"

Then, on March 28, Kibblesmith announced that a book about this concept will be published:

Kibblesmith is writing the book to be published by Harper Design and illustrated by AP Quach. Santa's Husband is set to publish October 10.

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