George W. Bush on Trump's inauguration: 'That was some weird sh*t'


Former president George W. Bush was one of many esteemed guests present at the January inauguration of America's current commander in chief, Donald J. Trump.

While George W. Bush appeared pleased to attend the 45th president's oath of office ceremony, a new New York Magazine piece reveals inside information on what the Texas native actually felt that day.

NY Mag's Yashar Ali writes that according to "three people who were present," Bush summed up Trump's inauguration, saying, "That was some weird sh*t."

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Ali iterates a note of consensus, adding that "all three heard him say it."

Bush has put forth effort to not criticize presidents following him -- including Barack Obama, and now Donald Trump. In a TODAY interview earlier this month, Bush reiterated when asked what advice he would give Trump that it's a hard job and he'd simply wish him the best.

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"You picked some really good people," Bush said, speaking as if directly to Trump. "Empower them and make sure they're able to give you their unfettered advice."

George W. Bush has a warm relationship with former first lady Michelle Obama, and it is possible their reunion at the inauguration ceremony was what the former president viewed as the least "weird" element of the event.

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