Trump accuses media of covering his administration 'viciously and inaccurately'


The Trump administration has repeatedly accused the media of having a negative bias against the president.

Trump took another aim at the media on Wednesday, tweeting, "If the people of our great country could only see how viciously and inaccurately my administration is covered by certain media!"

His second tweet slammed the New York Times, "Remember when the failing @nytimes apologized to its subscribers, right after the election, because their coverage was so wrong. Now worse!"

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Trump's tweets follow a heated exchange White House press secretary Sean Spicer had with American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan on Tuesday during a press briefing.

In response to Ryan's question about what is the White House doing to improve its perception, Spicer turned the tables, suggesting that the media outlets were pushing a negative view of the White House, particularly in regards to the Russia matter.


He asserted, "If the president puts Russian dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a Russian connection."

Spicer also said, "It seems like you are hell bent on trying to make sure that whatever image you want to tell about this White House stays."

As Ryan seemed unconvinced by Spicer's answer, he said, "Please stop shaking your head..."