Street signs throughout London marked with foreshadowing and irony amid Brexit

The United Kindom joined the E.U. in 1973, and since then has melded with Europe in many ways, especially with regard to their street signs. As the U.K. officially recedes from the union there will be remnants and reminders of its past relationship with Europe throughout its very heart: London.

While some of the signs above seem as if London has been foreshadowing Brexit, such as the street marked 'Freedom close,' other signs like 'Brussels road' show its integration over the years. Time will only tell if these signs will be seen as a faint memory or a regretful pang in the heart.

On March 29th, Theresa May sent the E.U. an official letter triggering the United Kingdom's departure from the union. The official vote occurred last year on June 23rd much to the dismay of people around the world.

Many pro-Brexit voters believe that leaving the European Union will help the U.K. focus on their culture and values as well as protecting them. Those who wished to remain in the E.U. think staying is better for the economy and that other issues like migration aren't reason enough to leave.

It is yet to be seen if there will be an economic domino effect once Brexit is completed. Current projections are skewed in different directions but many believe it will have negative consequences, at least in the beginning. The effects could even reach as far as the U.S. In June, the Federal Reserve mentioned Brexit in a discussion against raising interest rates.