Missing man found dead inside 23-foot-long python


The body of a missing 25-year-old man was found inside the stomach of a massive python in Indonesia, a few days after he was reported missing.

Akbar Salubiro had not been heard from since March 26, when he left his home in a small village on Sulawesi Island, according to The Independent.

But after neighbors who went looking for him found a bloated, 23-foot-long python in Salubiro's garden, they began fearing the worst.

According to the Associated Press, some items belonging to Salubiro were also found scattered about in the garden, including one of his boots, his harvesting tool and some fruit.

Suspecting the massive snake was responsible for Salubiro's disappearance, the group sliced it open.

West Sulawesi Police

Inside, they found the lifeless body of the missing father of two.

A graphic video of the incident was shared on YouTube by Tribun Timur -- but be warned, it's extremely disturbing.

Reticulated pythons are among the largest snakes in the world and "suffocate their victims before swallowing them whole," reported the BBC.

However, while the most massive among the species are clearly capable of swallowing an adult person, they generally target wild boar, primates and dogs.

Unfortunately, this case seems to be an exception.

Notably, fact-checking site Snopes has yet to confirm that the story is true, citing other fake stories of a similar nature that have gone viral in the past.

"We've investigated a few "python eats man" rumors over the years and found that they were either based on unrelated photographs, doctored images, or urban legends," it wrote in a post about the story.

"Given the history of fabricated or misidentified images often being used with reports of this nature, we await further confirming details on the incident."