Fake news claims entire Supreme Court bench opposes Neil Gorsuch's nomination


A recent fake news story claimed each of the eight current Supreme Court justices signed a letter addressed to President Trump shaming his pick of Neil Gorsuch to the bench.

The claim from the Bipartisan Report -- which Snopes describes as "unreliable" -- came after the Supreme Court dissented in majority rule against a previously held court decision in which Gorsuch was involved.

An excerpt from the Bipartisan Report's article read as follows:

In a move no one saw coming, all eight Supreme Court Justices have turned their backs on Trump, rejecting his nominee to fill Antonin Scalia's empty seat. Until now, it was believed that Obama's pick, Merrick Garland, didn't stand a chance as Republicans held out on voting for the Justice until Obama was out of office.

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This claim was disproved by Snopes, who states "The eight sitting SCOTUS justices didn't 'turn their backs on Trump,' they didn't 'reject his nominee,' they didn't 'agree that President Trump is completely wrong in choosing Neil Gorsuch,' nor did they write a 'letter' to that effect."

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In reality, the Supreme Court ruled against a 2008 decision in the case Endrew F. vs. Douglas County School District. In the decision, Gorsuch ruled that a bare minimum standard of education was sufficient in order to meet Congress' mandate that U.S. students be given a "free appropriate public education."

A vote on Gorsuch is expected to reach the Senate floor next week.

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