Email scam claims that Melania Trump wants to give you 20 million dollars

An email scam surrounding Melania Trump is circulating the internet, according to The Huffington Post.

Credit: Lee Moran

The writer of The Huffington Post article, Lee Moran, received the spam.

The email claims to be sent from Trump, and that the recipient owes the West Africa Benin Republic $20,000,000. Apparently, Trump has the money in Washington, D.C. Not only that, but the email falsely claims that the first lady lives in the White House. Currently, Melania Trump lives in New York City with her son, Barron.

The sender asks for $180 to apparently "enable them secure [sic] the Approval Document" and send the millions of dollars to the recipient.

After replying to the email and the phone number included, Moran has not been able to determine who is really behind the scam.

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