Elon Musk wants computers to link to your brain

By Jose Sepulveda, Buzz60

Elon Musk takes science fiction and turns it into reality.

His new venture is a medical research company, NeuraLink, which will make brain-computer interfaces.

The hope is that implanted electrodes will aid with conditions such as epilepsy and depression, akin to current implants for Parkinson's which regulate electrical activity to the brain.

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The company has already hired three scientists and their work will build on other brain-computer interfaces including BrainGate, an early BCI technology wherein people can type messages on a computer by picking out letters one by one on a screen, as well as the Robo Rat and Robo Roach which made test animals that turn right or left by stimulating specific brain regions.

These technologies are still pretty slow and Musk wants to speed them up. While human brains are a lot more complex than rats or roaches, there will be lots of questions once the prototypes are done.

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