Who is Rod Rosenstein? Meet the man who may lead investigation into Russian ties to the Trump campaign


With Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from all things Russia, President Donald Trump's nominee for deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein is the man who would lead a possible investigation into Russian ties with the Trump campaign.

First, he needs to be confirmed. Rosenstein is currently in the midst of his confirmation hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee to become the deputy attorney general.

Rod Rosenstein through the years

The 52-year-old is highly regarded in Washington as being nonpartisan.

He has worked has worked for presidents of both parties. He was first nominated for a U.S. attorney position by former Republican President George W. Bush in 2005 and was retained by his successor, Democratic President Barack Obama, lasting all eight years of his administration.

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Rosenstein currently serves as a US Attorney in Maryland. He's worked for the Department of Justice for more than a quarter of a century. Before becoming a U.S. Attorney in 2005, his highest profile gig was working on the Whitewater investigation.

That job required him to dig into President Bill Clinton's real estate dealings in Arkansas. Three people were ultimately convicted as part of that investigation.

If confirmed by the Senate, he would be the number 2 man at the Justice Department.

He was initially set to be confirmed on Monday, a vote that was delayed by one week.

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