Huge 'flash mob' fight breaks out at amusement park's opening weekend

CLEVELAND (WJW) - A day of fun quickly descended into chaos at the I-X Indoor Amusement Park at Cleveland's I-X Center Saturday night.

"It was get up and move or you are going to be trampled on," said Melissa Rozehnal of Mentor who witnessed the violence.

Cleveland police say flash mobs and a large crowd of teens started fighting. The melee happened the opening weekend of the Indoor Amusement Park.

"There was people throwing chairs flipping tables," said Rozehnal. "So the only thing I could do was drop my stroller grab my kids jump over the chairs, watch our heads from the tables and run to the left."

Fights break out at Cleveland amusement park
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Fights break out at Cleveland amusement park
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Rozehnal was there with her two young children and husband. She tells Fox 8 hundreds of people were involved in several fights that would travel across the I-X Center at random.

"Never in my life have I been afraid the way I was afraid there," said Rozehnal.

Cleveland Police arrested five people, three adults for weapons violations and two teens for rioting. Police say no injuries have been reported.

A spokesperson for the I-X Center says the safety of attendees and staff is their first concern. In 28 years of the amusement park, there has never been a similar incident. The park closed an hour early due to the flash mob, and no weapons were used during the fights. The I-X Center released the following statement to Fox 8 Saturday:

All threats and issues like tonight are taken seriously. Our team is currently addressing this situation and taking the necessary steps to provide a safe and fun environment for families and children attending our show. We will provide more information and I-X Indoor Amusement Park updates as they become available.

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