Girl badly burned by homemade slime



A young girl's seemingly innocent science project went horribly wrong.

Siobhan Quinn didn't stop her daughter, Kathleen, from making homemade slime from a popular DIY recipe.

"I thought it was great. I encouraged it and bought all the stuff. And then when it was gone, I bought more. She was being a little scientist," Quinn told WCVB.

Unfortunately, though, it seriously backfired. While Kathleen was at a sleepover, she woke up in extreme pain.

Credit: WCVB

The young girl told WCVB, "It felt like really hot and tingly."

When her mother picked her up from the sleepover, she was crying in pain. Siobhan took her to Shriners Hospital -- where they treated her for second and third-degree burns.

Siobhan warns other parents about their children making "DIY slime." Thankfully, Kathleen is expected to make a full recovery.