Fiona the baby hippo tips the scales at 101 pounds

Fiona, a baby hippo born prematurely at Cincinnati Zoo on January 24, exceeded the weight of 100 pounds, which was confirmed during weighing on March 21 at Cincinnati Zoo in the US.

Fiona's care team told Reuters this was a milestone in her development and a good sign for the future.

Fiona, born six weeks early, was badly dehydrated and survived thanks to life-saving Intravenous (IV) treatment.

A team of doctors from the Cincinnati Hospital Children's Vascular Access Team provided assistance to the zoo's veterinary staff in caring for Fiona in the first days of her life.

So far, Fiona has spent most of her time with her care team.

She has not exhibited any outright aggressive behavior towards humans and may never do so, however her keepers plan to reunite her with her parents, Bibi and Henry, in the near future.