This resistance group is sending Trump notes on toilet paper

If Trump toilet paper isn't enough for you, sending the new president a pertinent message on TP and other bathroom items might do the trick.

A group of activist friends based out of New York City frustrated with the results of November's election are facilitating a sh*tshow of sorts straight to Donald Trump's mailbox at the White House.

If you write a message on toilet paper, a pad or a tampon, the group will mail it to D.C. as part of their "Million Mile Message" campaign. For $10, it's act of resistance that's a bit different to sending a postcard or letter.

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Writing a message on toilet paper is an idea that organizer Teemu Alexander, a human rights lawyer for the UN, helped concoct after writing down the most "ridiculous/sad/bigoted parts from Trump's incoherent monologues" during the debates during the campaign, he said in an email.

"Toilet paper matches the overall theme of bullshit so intimately tied with Trump," he said about the project.

Once the idea of toilet paper messages was introduced it quickly expanded to include sanitary napkins and tampons. Alexander says the feminine products are the perfect material because they are way easier to write on and "they really resonate with the idea of resisting [Trump's] horrific misogyny as a medium."

The group's goal is to send one million miles of toilet paper throughout Trump's term — hence their name. Some recently delivered messages are scathing quips about Trump's Russian ties, the popular vote and Trump's proposed border wall. Participants can choose to write on one- or two-ply toilet paper or a pad or tampon.

Any leftover money not spent on mailing the bathroom-inspired notes will go to journalism and freedom of the press organizations. The group says they want to "combat the spread of alternative facts."

After sending the president a toilet paper note you'll never think about your bathroom essentials the same way again.