Armed burglary at Bellagio in Las Vegas sends panic through casino - media

March 25 (Reuters) - The Bellagio Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip was put on lockdown early on Saturday after an armed burglary of a high-end jewelry store sent panicked guests and gamblers running for the exits, local media reported and police said.

Early reports on social media of shots being fired at the busy casino and hotel were false and there were no injuries, the Las Vegas Police Department said on Twitter.

"There is no shooting at the Bellagio. There is a burglary of a high-end jewelry store. No shooting," a police spokesman said in a text to Reuters.

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Twitter erupts over 'shooting' at Bellagio
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Twitter erupts over 'shooting' at Bellagio
Literally just witnessed an armed robber in a pig mask at a Rolex store at the Bellagio & then his arrest…
Scene outside of the Bellagio Hotel. Law enforcement is surrounding the hotel.
Las Vegas Bellagio casino on lockdown amid reports of active shooter
BREAKING: @LVMPD says there is no active shooter at the Bellagio. There is a burglary with armed suspects. Hotel is on lockdown.
#bellagio store appears to have been robbed by masked individuals with sledge hammers. Had to run to escape.
Wow... there was a shooting @ the Bellagio in Vegas. Whole casino floor scattered. Perfect time to grab chips on tables while ppl running.
Get off the strip. 7 cops including a swat van just bolted to the Bellagio
Wtfff armed robber at the Bellagio in Vegas, looks like something off the purge 😰😭
#Bellagio after... very scary for awhile...
We were wondering about the SWAT team and siren lights. Turns out some dude in a pig mask tried (armed?) robbery of the Bellagio next door.

The incident, shortly after midnight local time, sent guests hiding under casino tables and scurrying to exits and out on to the bustling Las Vegas Strip as police arrived at the famed casino and began searching for suspects, according to reports and photos on social media.

Bellagio officials were not immediately available for comment.

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