'Teeth' found in tacos at Mexican restaurant cause social media stir


A photo of beef tacos posted to social media by a diner at a restaurant in Texas has some wondering: Are those teeth?

Facebook user Courtney Aguilar posted the photo after ordering barbacoa tacos at the popular Pflugerville eater El Rincon on Sunday.

"When you order Barbacoa tacos but get teeth instead," Aguilar wrote in the post, which has since been made private.

By Monday, the photo of strange, feathery teeth-like structures on a plate of stewed beef had gone viral.

The restaurant issued a response on its own Facebook page.

"El Rincon is aware of the situation with the item found in the barbacoa. Barbacoa is one the few items that we buy pre-made from an approved FDA vendor and we are no longer going to buy from that vendor.

"Barbacoa is cooked with different parts of the cow but mostly from the head or cheek of cattle. ," the post read.

The photo caused a stir on Facebook as area diners came posted to complain.

"This is so gross, how are you gonna miss this going into a taco," wrote one user.

Other El Rincon customers came to the decades-old restaurant's defense, however.

Some posters noted that the so-called "teeth" looked a lot like beef lips, an almost furry-looking part of the cow that's usually ground up.

"Beef lips," wrote a commenter. "Normally they are ground up and used in making hot dogs and other processed beef products."

In a statement to mySA.com, the meat purveyor verified that there were no teeth in the photo, which they said instead showed beef lips, which the FDA says are safe for human consumption.

And El Rincon wants the public to know they've taken steps it won't happen again.

"El Rincon will stop selling barbacoa until we get a new vendor," their post read. "We would like to apologize to the customer and we would like to thank our customers for the business for over 26 years."

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