Jewelry store billboard faces backlash for message encouraging violence


An ad for a jewelry store in Asheville, North Carolina, sparked outrage on Thursday when Twitter users noticed it was encouraging violence.

The billboard was paid for by Spicer Greene Jewelers, and is currently located near Interstate 240.

It says "Sometimes, It's ok to throw rocks at girls ..." and the words are surrounded by jewels, or "rocks."

The company apologized for the ad in a Facebook post on Thursday after drawing a negative reaction across social media.

Eva-Michelle Spicer, the co-owner of Spicer Greene Jewelers, told The Huffington Post that the billboard will be taken down when it can be replaced with a new campaign, which usually happens every four weeks, according to The Citizen Times.

When The Huffington Post asked who came up with the phrase, Spicer said it's common in the jewelry industry.

See what people are saying about the sign on social media:

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